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Have you purchased a frame and the mount isn't quite the right sized aperture? Perhaps you want to change the colour of the mount? No problem, here's how

Single or Double?

Discover the art of picture framing with our mount boards. Enhance your photographs and artwork with precision-cut apertures.

With over 200 mount board colours to choose from, we can provide your picture with a unique and interesting look.

Take these two prints for example. Simply by cutting the top mount (white) aperture 5mm bigger than the under mount (black) we can then showcase a stunning inner black edge providing a crisp a precise look to the image. 

Shop For Frames, Picture Framing Marlow
Shop For Frames, Picture Framing Marlow

Precision Is Key

Enhance your picture framing experience with our wide selection of mount boards. As we appreciate all artwork, photos are not the same size.

We have provided a solution, solving this problem.

When visiting us in store, simply bring the item you wish to get mounted and/or framed and we will measure the precise size for both the outer size of the mount as well as the aperture required. If you have a frame with multi apertures, we can cut these for your too. Ultimately, providing you with a professional service and one that perfectly displays your artwork.

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