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Canvas Stretching

Canvas stretching may seem like a simple process to some, however there is a skill based around precision and patience to achieve the best outcome for your artwork. At Shop for Frames, we are passionate about providing our clients with exceptional service, taking the time to ensure that each project we take on is completed accurately and efficiently.

The Purpose of Stretching a Canvas

The art of stretching lies in attention to detail, and the benefits are well worth undergoing this time-consuming task. Our team of professionals are well practised in this process, with no task too big or small! There are a multitude of reasons as to why our canvas stretching service in Buckinghamshire is beneficial, for example by stretching a canvas you can allow the image to be portrayed in its precise dimension, naturally showcasing the art piece in its best form. Another reason someone may enquire about canvas stretching is to contort it into a specific frame shape; the traditional square and rectangular canvas framing is increasingly less common in contemporary artwork.

Shop For Frames, Picture Framing Marlow
Stretched canvas on display

Comprehensive Canvas Stretching

At Shop for Frames, we offer a comprehensive canvas stretching service to help you get the desired look for your artwork. Our experienced team uses a combination of high-quality stretcher bars, nails, staples and tensioning devices to create amazing results. We are committed to providing a superior canvas stretching service, with our attention to detail and commitment to excellence making us one of the most sought-after canvas stretching services in Buckinghamshire. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your artwork stretched with precision and care.

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