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Behind the Scenes

The journey of "Framing Excellence"


After you have placed your order with us in store the journey begins...

All artwork that arrives in our workshop is stored away in our secure Art Room.

This is where your prized possessions live until such a time the frame and all the components of your order are ready for assembly. 

All components of your order, from the mount card, frame choice, glass etc... are all listed down and prepared for production. 


All members of the Production Team have their respective tasks to ensure that all the components of the order are prepared to the desired specifications. Here we can see the mount card being selected.

We stock a wide range of colours as well as black and white core mount board. These would have been discussed with you on your in store visit when placing your order. 


The mount board is then placed onto our highly advanced mount cutting machine. 


After the dimensions are captured in the system as well as to how many apertures we require on your order, it's time to get cutting

As there is no human element to the cutting process, all of which done by machine and robotics. There are no over cuts at all.

Thus providing a precise and clean finish. 


The highly advanced machinery will cut the mount board to the nearest 1 millimetre.

Also taking into consideration as to where the apertures are positioned on the card, so when secured in the frame all the lines and cuts are exactly where they should be. 

The mount board is cut to the desired size and safely stored away awaiting the next steps in the production process. 


With over 600 mouldings to choose from we have our stock all lined up and bay marked thus simplifying the picking process. 

Here we can see the desired moulding for your order being selected.


After the moulding has been selected it's time for the cut and mitre process. This is where the frame starts to take shape. 


This is where the magic happens ! ! !

We have a 1st class production facility where we have all the necessary bays where cut moulding is waiting to be picked and assembled.

Here we can see the frames in the bays at the back, awaiting the balance of the required components.

Let the assembly begin...


Ever wondered how we get your framed football shirts looking so good in the frame..?

Well this is the start of that process

This is the gentleman behind the "oh that looks stunning" framed shirts

We pride ourselves on the level of care and attention to detail that we take when dealing with your artwork and more so making sure that any dust is removed from behind the glass. 

These would be considered some of the final touches we do prior to sealing the back of the frame.


Size doesn't matter...

With having such a large facility and offering a truly bespoke framing service. We can assist you with your desired size, moulding choice and specifications. 

All of our frames, once completed, will have a have a Shop for Frames sticker secured to the back of the frame. This unique job reference number can be used by customers for future reference. 

What this means is, if you had a frame done by us 6 months ago and wanted the same frame again, all we would need from you is this number.

No need to bring the entire frame into the shop to match it up on your new order.


Once the frame is completed it is then placed in our quality control room.

Our unique system is then updated letting all members of the production team as well as our Production Manager know exactly where the artwork and frame is located. 

Off to quality control...

Quality control...

This is where a final inspection of the frame is done prior to being wrapped up in the protective film pending delivery back to our shops in Marlow & Beaconsfield

mattphoto_af_172 (1).jpg

Meet our Production Manager

Hazel plays an incremental part in the 1000's of frames that we produce each year.

With a passion for excellence and the kindness and support that she offers the Team, it is a fantastic formula to deliver our orders in a timely manner, whilst maintaining the quality that we pride ourselves in. 

Once all the frames have been completed and passed the quality control, they are carefully loaded, ready for delivery back to our shops in Marlow and Beaconsfield.  

Our system is then updated letting our Sales Managers in store know that the orders are on the way.

Once received an email is sent to you, our customer. Letting you know the great news,

"Your order is ready for collection."


Our driver, Andy...

 more than just frames but smiles too.

As an extended part of our service to you, our customer, we also offer a home delivery service.

Ensuring that your order goes straight from our production facility to your walls. 

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Framing Excellence

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