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The Casual Poet

2Michael Shop for Frames Poem Pics.jpeg

Exciting news ! ! Shop for Frames is pleased to announce that we are exclusively selling limited edition prints from the Casual Poet, Michael Bourton

These are limited to 50 prints per poem and cartoon, complete with letter of authenticity signed by Michael and Bruce.

Come in and see our display with 9 of the poems and cartoon from the Virus Poems

4Michael Shop for Frames Poem Pics.jpeg
2Michael Shop for Frames Poem Pics.JPG

We also have a book with all the poems for you to have a look at. This includes all the news headlines that happened on the day that each poem was written.

Bruce making an appearance in our shop.

Come in and have a look at the framed cartoons and respective poems. Get your limited cartoon and poem today.

Bruce would be really chuffed if you did.

Contact Us for more information

1Michael Shop for Frames Poem Pics.jpeg
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